Meanwhile, back at the asylum...

Sometimes, one despairs utterly of British home educators. Consider the following collection of dangerous eccentrics:

Reading this actually makes me wonder whether some of these people might genuinely be paranoid schizophrenics. Two suggestions, plucked at random from this nonsense, will illustrate what I mean.

Is your child feeling safe and secure and appearing to be psychologically healthy? Here’s a handy little hint that will soon put a stop to that! Try this:

Always tell your children how much you love them and how, if ever they were taken from you, you would never, ever stop looking for them.

It has probably never occurred to your child before that they might be taken from you. Plant the seeds of doubt in their mind and they will soon be laying awake at night, needlessly worrying about this.

Or try this;

If you are innocent and feel that your family is facing a truly significant threat, consider leaving the country before the case goes to court.

Thee is something quite terrifying about madness like this. One recognises some of the usual suspects here, people like Nikki Harper from Lincolnshire who is quoted.  I do hope that local authorities are reading this stuff, so that they have an idea of the sort of disordered thinking which affects some parents supposedly capable of delivering an education to their children.


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