The great mojecosie mystery

One of the minor pleasures of my life lies in observing the many home educators on the internet who display the signs and symptoms of Paranoid Schizophrenia. I am of course aware that these characters do not represent all home educating parents, but their mad antics are still pretty entertaining. It's a bit like the old days, when one could pay to see the loonies in Bedlam. The great thing is; this is completely free! The expression ’Conspiracy Theory’ does not even begin to cover the deluded thinking. When the old Department for Children, Schools and Families reorganised their IT system a few years ago, half the links to documents and external sites vanished for a few days. Such things are not uncommon. When a home educator found that the 2007 guidelines on home education were no longer available, she started a panic on a number of lists and forums. It was clearly a plot on the part of the government to deprive home educators of their rights. Some readers might remember this nonsense. I did what any normal person would do and rang up the DfCSF and simply asked them about it. Hopeless to try and tell internet obsessed home educators the truth; they simply wouldn’t have believed it.

A similar thing happened on this blog yesterday. I have noticed in the last year or so that posts from here are turning up in all sorts of strange places. Perhaps because my style is so lucid, many people copy my articles here and use them for their own purposes. Here is an example:

I suppose that I should be flattered. I don’t think that this sort of wholesale lifting of intellectual property is taking place with all blogs on home educating. Hard to imagine people pinching Maire Stafford’s or Niki Harper’s incoherent ramblings and trying to pass them of as their own work! I recently saw that an entire blog has turned up in Poland, consisting of nothing but posts from here;

I noticed it and simply passed on and forgot it. Not so some of the sharp eyed folk who comment here! It was plain to them that this was obviously some cunning ruse of mine, for reasons that even the most demented of them seemed wholly  unable to explain. Perhaps I wanted my views to stand alone without comments? Well then, I could switch off the comments here. Perhaps the title ‘Home education’ is catchier than ‘Home Education Heretic’? Who knows? Why would I have chosen a Polish name for the blog and be promoting it only on Polish lists? Again, one can only guess. Never the less, it was clear that I was at the back of it somehow.

I also find it difficult to believe that someone else is responsible for this blog, yet you claim to be mystified.

If it genuinely has been put up by someone else’

It makes even less sense for someone else to do it.

you might want to give someone a link to your work without comments (understandable after reading some of them), but still want to keep the comments here for your own entertainment

you've intentionally gone off on a tangent. It looks like a tactic to bring a halt to this discussion

Very strange. It would be very easy for you to set up the other account and transfer the articles and there are there are probably loads of good reasons for you to do so, but someone else would literally have to copy and paste over 500 posts individually and I can't think of a reason for it.

See what I mean? I was particularly enchanted to be accused of trying to bring the discussion of this madness to an end.  However, perhaps I was hasty.  I should I suppose give these people their opportunity.  Answers, on a postcard please, to the curious question of why I should set up a parallel blog to this one, containing only posts from here,  and instead of using my own name should pose as a Pole called Evadima. Let’s see those conspiracy theories roll, boys.


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